You and I are a lot alike: Busy, creative and spinning several plates at once. 

I'm a wife, mother of two teenage girls, teacher, cheer coach and marketing


I get that entrepreneurial life is no joke. Growing a business can be completely overwhelming. That's why I'm here to help you scale like a boss and market with purpose - you know like Elle Woods when Warner told her she wasn't serious enough for Harvard. In case you are wondering, I can do these Elle Woods allusions for days yo'! But I'll stop. I promise

So, why should you trust me with your marketing strategy and copywriting needs?


  • I am NASM and Precision Nutrition certified. I have been in the industry. I know the industry. 

  • I am a natural born problem solver and have a never-ending stream of ideas. 

  • I believe in providing value, selling stuff that actually helps people, and doing good in the world.

  • I am obsessed with all things brain and psychology - so I am all about strategic content marketing and developing your KLT factor.

  • I've done sales copywriting and content marketing for TONS of fitness professionals - I get marketing and sales and know how to do it in the fitness industry.

  • I don't believe in a cookie-cutter approach to marketing. I look at each business differently and make strategic decisions based on your specific circumstances - even if you are in a group program. 

  • I get my clients results! My client’s success = my success.

  • I've run an online fitness business and know how overwhelming it can be. I also know how to grow without losing your mind!


My goal is to help personal trainers scale a successful business online so they can help more people, make more money and have more time. Whether that's whipping together a sales page or coaching you through my Next Level Membership I am here to help the real pros succeed online!

Want to know some RANDOM facts about me?

  • I grew up in Queens NY, went to college in Columbia, South Carolina, lived in Bangkok, Thailand for three years and now live just outside of Nashville!

  • My family is pretty unique. I am American, my husband is Ecuadorian and my girls are adopted from Ethiopia. Three continents are represented in the Cevallos crew - and together we lived on a 4th!

  • Even though I am a personal trainer - I love pizza, Twizzlers, Coke and Starbucks (shhhh….don’t tell the nutrition police).

  • I am mildly obsessed with Carrie Underwood. In my heart, I totally believe we are going to be besties one day. I’m just waiting for her to figure it out!

  • At the age of 16 I became a Christian and my life was radically changed. I’d love to tell you the story one day, so email me and I’ll fill ya’ in on all the deets!

  • I hate running, love strength training and am kind of into a little bit of Pilates.

  • I was a gymnast for 12 years and coached for 10. I wasn’t all that good as a gymnast - but I was a pretty kick-butt coach.

  • I believe Legally Blonde will teach you everything you need to know about life. Seriously. Go watch it and report back on the life lessons you’ve learned!

Now what? 

Well, you can grab my free guide: 5 Ways to Increase Your Visibility as an Online Personal Trainer or listen to some uber-practical tips over on my podcast!

Love Instagram? Let's connect over there too.

I can't wait to become besties! Peace yo'!


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