The Next Level Membership

Marketing Strategy + Business Coaching Membership for Online Fitness Coaches Who Want to Scale Their Business and Increase Their Income.

A Next Level Marketing Membership is THE difference maker for  health + fitness coaches who want to scale their online business.

You are great at training people, but are struggling to get clients, grow your audience and make consistent sales. 

You know you need a coach that focuses on actual strategy, not just mindset, but can't afford to drop a couple grand on one. 

No worries're in the right place. 

You've Been Wasting Your Time...

Downloading freebie after freebie, trying to DIY this online biz thing. 

While you have the basics, you are overwhelmed with how everything fits together and lack a clear and consistent strategy. 

The plug and play, make 10k in a day, strategies everyone seems to be selling are not working. In fact, they are distractions adding to your overwhelm. 

What you need is an actual person who you can answer your specific questions to. One who will not just give you cookie cutter answers - but a real plan that makes sense for you, your ideal clients and your biz.

You need a coach.

The only problem is that most coaches cost $500-2k per month. While you aren't afraid to invest in your biz, you just can't make that type of investment at the moment.


You have a big vision for your future, but can sometimes get lost in the weeds of day-to-day tasks that keep you working IN your business instead of ON your business.

All you need is someone to offer a little guidance, based on experience and give you ACTUAL strategies that work. You don't need someone to do the work for you. You just need a confident guide to point you in the right direction, and help you to course correct, problem solve and plan your next steps.

You want someone to teach you how to...

  • Get more of the RIGHT eyes on your content
  • Put out valuable content that actually converts.
  • Master sales so it doesn't seem so slimey.
  • Learn how to use live video with ease.
  • Create high converting organic funnels .
  • Turn your organic marketing into paid advertising when the time is right.
  • Build a business you truly love, so you can live the type of life you want to live.


Well, becoming a Next Level Member is going to do all of that and much more!

YES!!! I Want to Bring My Marketing Skills to the Next Level!

What makes a Next Level Membership such a game changer?

Monthly Video Training Bundles

Each month we will focus on a specific theme to help you grow your business. You’ll get access to our training library and you’ll get a brand new training every single week.

We are going to be diving into topics like: Instagram Growth, Creating and Scaling Group Training Programs, Branding, Content Creation, Sales and SO.MUCH.MORE.

Insane Support in the Facebook Group

I'll be in there every business day answering your questions, reviewing your content and helping you with strategy.

The bonus? You'll have other trainers and coaches to bounce ideas off of at your disposal, 24/7!

Q+A Calls Twice a Month

Need to trouble-shoot? Itching to scale? Join our bi-monthly Q&A call for individual support

Bring your questions, your thoughts and your struggles to be answered live on the call, or drop them in a google form to be answered on the call - even if you can't make it live.

Plus, I'll be bringing in the industry's top experts as special guests to do training on specific topics you need to master in order to grow your biz!

Wondering if this is for you?

A NEXT LEVEL Membership is perfect for...

  • Personal trainers, fitness coaches, health coaches who are ready to scale a massively successful online business.

  • Coaches who are committed to helping others, and running their business on integrity, hard work and coffee (or Matcha if that's your thing).

  • Coaches who want to stand out in a SATURATED market, so they can truly find their tribe and change lives. 

  • Coaches who are rockstars at what they do, but need to master the art of running and growing a business.

  • Coaches who think community is better than competition and that there is always something to learn.

  • In-person trainers, gym owners and group ex. instructors who want to to use online marketing strategies to grow their in-person business!



  • People looking to get rich quick or crack some secret code.

  • People peddling quick fixes that perpetuate the cycle of yo-yo dieting for the sake of making a profit.

  • Whiners, complainers and people looking for excuses.

  • People who want someone else to wave a magic wand and fill their bank account so they can take fake pics in front of someone else's jet.

This membership is for the good guys - the ones committed to helping people live healthier lifestyles the right way, while making legit money, and living life on their own terms.

Stop trying to do this online business thing on your own. Every successful business owner out there has a coach.


Let me be yours.

I am 100% committed to your success and ready to help you crush your goals. And because I know what it feels like to not have TONS of money to invest in a coach, I will guide you for less than $5/day.

NEXT LEVEL is here to help transform you from a trainer to a business owner, while equipping you with everything you need to build a thriving online business!

I am not just some random person off the street, I get my clients results.

As a former online fitness coach and copywriter for COUNTLESS fitness pros, I have the unique experience of watching fitness empires be built in several different ways. This means I help my clients find what works for them - instead of trying to fit them into my "model". Here's what a few of my past clients have to say...

Charmi Ramchandani

Thanks to Danielle Cevallos' 6-week coaching program, I learnt how to create content that matches my services. I went from posting random stuff and pictures to intentionally putting out content that my followers could benefit from which tied into the services I offer. And, I learnt the immense value of email marketing.

Following her suggestions, I signed up 4 clients while vacationing in Dubai, and 3 more (possibly 2 more today!) to give me a full plate in December and January. Would you believe me if I told you that last December I made $0???

I love Danielle for really caring about her clients and going the extra mile to ensure their success. If you have been on the fence about hiring a coach, you won't be disappointed with Danielle.

2019 is Your Year!

It's time to say good-bye to feeling overwhelmed and start moving forward, towards your goals.

Ready to get started? You can, for ONLY...


That's less than $5 a day! You can cancel at anytime, so the risk is pretty minimal!

TRUST ME, you will not find a better value ANYWHERE! 

If you are ready to take your online fitness business to the NEXT LEVEL, this membership is all you need! 

Let's Do This!!!

Ready to Master Your Marketing and Scale Your Biz?

Let me help guide you towards more clients, more money and more time.

Monthly Payments



Video Library that Will Be Updated Each Month

Facebook Group where ALL of Your Questions will be Answered

Monthly Q+A Calls to Help You Troubleshoot and Grow


Still Not Sure?

Here's the deal, I get that making any type of investment can feel huge when you are running your own business. But it's time you took a leap of faith and believed in your dreams, and yourself. It's time that you put as much time and effort into building your business skills as you do into building your training skills. This is a no brainer!!!

While I don't offer refunds - you CAN cancel your membership at ANY time and you will no longer be billed. The risk is minimal and your potential gain is incalculable! 

It's like getting Nordstrom quality coaching at a Walmart price.

The time is now. This membership will never be less expensive. Opting in now means you will get the lowest possible price, forever! I will never increase your rate!

Stop struggling, feeling overwhelmed and wishing you could have your specific questions answered. Join me in Next Level and get the support and training you need to grow your business today. 

I am ready to grow my business!

You get immediate access!

Once you sign up, you will immediately be emailed login information so you can start diving into the content. You will then be added to the FB group where you can ask all of your questions!

Let's do this!!!

As a founding member your price never goes up, and you can cancel at anytime! Ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and get the support you need to finally grow your online fitness business?


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