Episode 52 - How to Sell With Authenticity

podcast Jul 15, 2019

On today's episode of the Basic Girl Podcast, we're talking sales with Colin Boyd. Colin is an international speaker and business mentor, and a master of using speaking to get sales.

Let me guess - you have a product or service to sell, but the thought of actually selling it to people makes you cringe.

Why is that?

Maybe you had a bad experience with someone selling you something. Maybe when you're selling your product or service, you've had bad luck.

According to Colin, maybe you need to...

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Episode 51 - Tips to Running a More Profitable Business

podcast Jul 08, 2019

"Mo' money mo' problems"...the world according to Biggie 

But...that isn't always the truth. 

More money doesn't have to mean more problems...if you know your numbers and can plan accordingly. 

Which is why I brought my friend Christina Sjahli on to chat. 

Christina is a financial genius - she's a CPA, CFO, cashflow consultant, and has years of experience in the corporate finance world with major national and international businesses.

I know. Finances are probably not on...

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Episode 50 - Never Run Out Of Highly Converting Content

podcast Jul 01, 2019


Let me guess - coming up with killer content makes you want to stab your eyes out, am I right?

No worriesssss....I gotchu' boo!


First, let me tell you this is totally normal. TONS of biz owners struggle with how to create content on an ongoing basis. 


Which is why on today's episode, it's just me and you and a whole lot of content talk!


That's right homie, grab your pen and paper and listen up because I'm about to teach you how to never run out of...

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Episode 49 - Why Branding Yourself is The Key To Building a Successful Business

podcast Jun 24, 2019


Building your personal brand is the most critical thing you can do as a service-based business provider.


My guest on the podcast, Lisa Mustard, is here to chat all about how to do that well. 

Lisa is a master of ALL the things.  She is a mom, wife, licensed therapist, podcaster, successful network marketer, and an app builder!

We all know that network marketing can carry a stigma - because let's face it, some people go about it in all the wrong ways! ...

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Episode 48 - How to Choose the Right Business Coach

podcast Jun 17, 2019

Listen if there is one thing in this world I am SO's the online business coach culture.

Everyone and their momma is a business coach...even if they've never run a business...seen a business...heard of a business...or had a dang job. 

They tell you all you need to do is "charge your worth" and remove the money blocks in your life. 

They have module on module about how to think...

And they have zero high-level strategy. 

I am also tired of people charging INSANE...

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Episode 47 - How to Scale Your Business by Creating Group Programs

podcast Jun 10, 2019

Today on the Basic Girl Marketing Podcast, I'm chatting with nurse turned ultra-successful business coach and consultant Mariana Ruiz. 

Mariana knew right away that being in the healthcare industry was not going to work long-term. So, she made a huge when her daughter was born, and has never gone back.

Mariana shares her journey of trying all different types of coaching programs and memberships before settling in on group coaching as her sole business model.

In this episode, we chat...

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Episode 45 - How to Grow Your Business Through Referrals

podcast May 27, 2019

In today's episode, I'm chatting with Ashley Meyer of Mompire.

We'll be talking about how to build your business through referrals AND why she doesn't believe in the word "balance" when it comes to juggling everything in our busy entrepreneur lives.

She's also going to tell us how to move out of the "hustle phase" when growing our business - something every entrepreneur needs to hear.

Books mentioned in today's show: 

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Episode 44 - How to Build Credibility as an Online Business Owner

podcast May 20, 2019

Today I am bringing back my friend, Lisa Simone Richards. We are chatting all things publicity and she is going to give you some SUPER tactical takeaways to start implementing TODAY!

She is also going to share about her upcoming mastermind and why it might be the perfect fit for you! 

Check her out on Facebook and Instagram

And if you’re looking to connect with other go-to experts in your field, join me inside The Well-Positioned CEO.

Listen on:


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Episode 43: Are you an influencer or a business owner?

podcast May 13, 2019


#influencerlife or #businessowner

Are you building a business or are you really just an influencer? Today it's just me spilling all the tips on how to be a business owner, not just an influencer. 

I am going to tell you what the difference is, why solely being an influencer is not the way to go, and how to set yourself apart as the legit pro you are. 

This is a good one y'all and it might get a little offensive up in here. #sorrynotsorry

Get your listen on...

Listen on:


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Episode 42: Facebook ads that work with Frannie Coggeshall

podcast May 06, 2019

Today on the podcast I am chatting with Frannie Coggeshall, owner of Dazed Creative. Frannie shares her entrepreneurial journey, her best advice for online business owners, and strategic tips about using paid advertising to grow your business. 

Frannie dives deep into the truth about business ownership, paid advertising and what you really need to grow a thriving business!

To connect with Frannie check out her:

Free Cheat Sheet as mentioned in the interview: ...
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