Stop Writing Content That Sucks

You know you’ve been there.

Staring at a blank screen with no ideas for writing that next caption or post. Or maybe you’ve sat there in front of that “Go Live” button for evahhhh because you had no idea of what to say.

I get it. I’ve been there too.

And I know that you HATE this part of your business.

You know you can help people.

You know you have the solutions to problems that people desperately want solved.

You know you are amazing at what you do.

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Finding Your Ideal Clients on Social Media

Now that you are creating killer content - it’s time to figure out how to fill your audience with nothing but dream clients - so your content hits home as it should!

Building your following with the right people is critical to landing clients from your content. You want everyone new to your audience to think, “OMG - this person knows exactly what I'm thinking, feeling and need” as soon as they find you!

How do you do that? Here are a few simple ways to get in...

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How to Price Your Online Personal Training Services

You’ve asked in group after group how to price your online personal training services - and are always met with the same annoyingly vague response: “charge what your worth”.

Insert massive eye roll and major frustration - because that is about as helpful as an ice cube in a snow storm.

But have no fear my personal training friends! I am here to demystify the statement “charge what you are worth” and help you break down how to price your programs and...

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Why Fitness Coaches Need a Clear One-Liner

brand messaging Dec 29, 2018

One of the most saturated markets in today’s online world is online fitness coaching.

While there is still PLENTY of room for fitness coaches to make a killer living, it has become more and more challenging for newbie coaches to stand out in the market.

In post after post, promises of “lose weight now” flood our feeds and fade into the oblivion of the Facebook algorithm.

But-every once and while, something catches our eye. Someone manages to pull in front of the...

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How to Make More Money in Your Online Fitness Business

business business tips Dec 29, 2018

I know it ain’t all about the Benjamins - but if you want a business that lasts, then you are going to need to make some Benny’s!

So, how do you make more money in your fitness business while serving your people with integrity? Here’s a few simple ways to kick your earnings up a notch in 2019!


Set Big Income Goals

Here’s the deal, you are probably playing small when it comes to setting income goals - which means you are showing up small.

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