Episode 60 - How to Write a Highly Converting Sales Page

podcast Sep 09, 2019

Writing a sales page isn't easy.  It's actually REALLY hard! 


Today, it's just me and you and we're talking all things sales pages! 


I know I'm always talking about how important it is to write sales pages, and you might be thinking -


  • do I really even need one? 


  • Why should I care? 


  • I get all of my clients on social media, Danielle


I'm here to tell you DO need a good sales page.  Why?


The most important reason is scalability.  If you want to increase your sales, you're going to reach more people with an amazing sales page that does it job.


You don't want to keep chasing people via DMs on social, do you?  At least not forever.  A good sales page will do the hard work FOR YOU.


So, today I'm going over all of the elements of a highly converting sales page.


And let me tell you - you NEED a pen and paper today!  Write these tips down and keep going back to them!


And then go grab my FREE guide, 5 Tips to Write Highly Converting Sales Page - and you'll be all set!


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