Episode 58 - Using Pinterest to Get More Leads and Make More Money with Meagan Williamson

podcast Aug 26, 2019


 You've heard you should use it to grow your business.  But … another platform?  You're already all-in on Facebook and Instagram - is Pinterest really worth your time?


 And today, I have Pinterest super-strategist Meagan Williamson here with me giving you ALL the strategy tips.

 Like seriously.  I know I always tell you you're going to want to grab and pen and paper - but…

 I even grabbed a pen and paper today! 

 You aren't going to want to miss this episode!

 Meagan got into the entrepreneurial life by accident 3 years ago - and has been crushing it on Pinterest for clients ever since!

 Today Meagan's talking

 --> mistakes you're making (hello posting to 20 boards at once!)

--> what you SHOULD be posting

-->  how many pins you should create per blog post

--> the analytic tool you need to be using (AND the metrics that are important!)

--> why your Pin design is important


Meagan's tip:  When growing your Pinterest, you should be aiming to create a RESOURCE for your followers/blog tips - and not just of your content!

 So, whether you're brand new to Pinterest, or just looking for ways to up your Pinterest game, this episode is for you!  (and if you think you're Pinterest doesn't need help… listen to this episode, homie.  You just might start rethinking that!)

 Make sure you screenshot this episode and tag Meagan and I on IG and tell us how you're going to crush your Pinterest game!

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 Resources mentioned on this podcast:

 Conversation Marketing by Kevin Lund

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