Episode 39: The Power of a Pre-Launch with Jessica Principe

podcast Apr 15, 2019

In today’s podcast episode I am chatting with Jessica Principe, founder of the All Girls Shave club. This interview is packed with goodness for anyone who is considering launching a subscription, or product based business. She also drops all kind of knowledge in terms of market research and online marketing. Jessica’s story is definitely different from many of my other guests, but her journey has been similar in so many ways.

We dive into…

  • The power of pre-launching
  • Starting a business with an idea that literally just “came” to her
  • Figuring out how to source and produce products
  • Responding to what your people want
  • Choosing an ideal client in an industry that can literally serve half the world
  • Not letting someone go when she should have
  • The one resource that massively impacted her business
  • The one piece of advice she’d give to all newbie entrepreneurs


Check out Jessica’s content on her website: www.JessicaPrincipe.com and IG @jessica_principe

And, sign up for the All Girls Shave Club here.

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