10 Tips to Effective Email Marketing in 2019

Email marketing IS NOT dead! 

Most people just don’t do it well. 

They give it a half-hearted attempt, then say, “it didn’t work for me ...wah, wah, wah!”

The truth?

Email marketing isn’t what it used to be. 

BUT...when done well, it can still create cult status fans and convert like Billy Graham in a full stadium!

So, before you throw in the towel when it comes to email marketing, I want to give you three reasons why you shouldn’t:

1-Your social media is a great top of funnel. BUT...someone else is in charge of:

  • Who sees your stuff
  • Whether you get to play the game at all 
  • What the platform looks like and how it operates

If you aren’t building your email list, then you are building on rented property. Having an email list that you own gives you DIRECT access to your people anytime you want it. I am not telling you to ditch social...I am telling you to take list building more seriously!

2-An email lead is a warm lead. 

If someone has given you their email address, and you use it wisely...they are a far warmer lead than some rando on social media. The people on your list have already trusted you with their email addy. They are one step closer to buying into your awesomeness. 

3-All of the crappy email marketing out there is an OPPORTUNITY.

Since everyone basically sucks at emails...there is a great opportunity for you to stand out. You get to be that ONE person whose emails get opened. Play your cards right and you should be rolling in the dough shortly my friend! JK...rolling in the dough takes time, effort, killer strategy, and patience. Email marketing isn’t a quick fix, it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Alrighty...are you ready to up your email marketing game? Here are 10 ways to be a more effective email marketer in 2019!

1. Speak to one person in every email. 

I know, I know...you “can” help everyone. BUT...if people don’t open their emails and immediately think you are writing to them, then you will lose them with a quickness. You need ONE person who represents your ideal client avatar, and you need to write to that one person in every email. Your content, your tone, your references...it all needs to be for that person. Will other people find your stuff interesting? YES! But cult brands are built when people feel like you are inside their brain. SO...get inside their brains by writing to them in every single email. 

2. Keep things short

Every now and then you can write a long email to see how it performs. BUT, in today’s quickly moving world, the more direct and concise you are the better. I know some people out there will fight me on this. AND...I will say that there are definitely certain lists that respond to longer emails...but, for the most part, short is the way to go! Ask yourself...do I really need to say this to make the point? If the answer is no, then cut it and move on. 

3. Use personalization wisely

Don’t neglect the personalization capabilities that all email providers have. Be sure to carefully personalize greetings, various points within your email, and occasionally...subject lines. Personalization is a simple way to make sure your emails speak directly to the person reading them!

4. Master the subject line

If no one opens your emails...it’ won’t matter how amazing they are. YOUR first job is to master the email subject line because that’s how you get people to open everything you send. If you aren’t intentionally crafting every single email subject line, then you are likely leaving money on the table. I’ve got a free guide that will give you some tips on email subject lines, but you’ve got to get in there and test things out!

 5. Understand your data

You don’t need to be all super geeky and weird about your email data, but you do need to pay attention to a few things. First, you need to look at your open rate. Aim for over 20% every time as that is above the average of 15% and means things are relatively working. You also want to look at your click-through rate. If you are somewhere around the 2.5% click-through rate, you are doing well! If your numbers aren’t quite there yet, that’s okay. Look at how you might be able to improve your subject lines (open rate) and content/cta’s (click through rate) and then continue to watch the data! Your only mistake here will be NOT paying attention to your data at all and just hitting send with no follow-up!

6. Provide super high value

Create the kind of emails people WANT to read. The stuff they can’t wait to open. You might think this doesn’t exist, but I promise you...we all have people whose emails we open EVERY SINGLE TIME! Be that person! Provide such massive value inside your emails that your people can’t help but open them every single time they see them. Don’t send out fluff. Ask yourself if you would want to open and read the email you are about to send out! If the answer is no, fix it! One simple tip would be to send out something that only your email list gets. Something that people can’t get anywhere else so not only are they getting value, they are getting something exclusive. That makes your peeps feel special and more likely to consume your content.

7. Study good emails

If you want to write better emails start paying attention to the people who are doing it right. If you get an email and open it...ask yourself why. If you read an email all the way through, ask yourself what about that email made you want to read it all the way through. If you click on something in an email, ask yourself why you clicked! Start a file in your inbox and keep every email that interests you or gets you to take action. Be sure to revisit what’s inside that folder regularly so you can see what works. Then, DON’T COPY, but adapt the strategies that got you invested and make them your own! 

8. Keep it one piece of the puzzle

Remember, email marketing isn’t what it used to be. While it is a huge player in your marketing strategy, you need a comprehensive plan to build your know-like-trust factor. I won’t spend a lot of time on this since I’ve written a whole post already, but just know...you need to be showing up other places to really reap the rewards of email marketing (or any type of marketing for that matter)!

9. Provide a call to action in every email

So many people miss this. They get to the end of an amazing email and that’s it. It’s like going on the perfect first day, and then just saying see ya’ at the door. No plans for another date, no goodnight kiss, not even a quick, awkward side hug. Here’s what’s up… you need a call to action at the end of every email. It doesn’t have to be to buy (and it shouldn’t always be to buy), but it does need to be clear. Maybe you want them to check out a podcast you did, or a blog you wrote or a resource you recommend. Maybe you want them to follow you over on Instagram or watch a FB live you just did. Maybe you want them to hit reply and ENGAGE with you! Whatever the next step might be...awkward side hug style and all...be clear about what you want and tell them at the end of your emails

10. Stay consistent and be yourself.

People always want to know how many emails they should be sending out to their list. The first thing I tell them is...send out however many you can stay consistent with. If it’s one per week or 4 per week, whatever you commit to, follow through. Trust is built in a number of ways, one of which is through consistency. Someone who stays consistent is someone who can be trusted to show up when clients need them. So, start off small...then as you build momentum and start to get comfortable...you can up your frequency but continue to stay consistent. AND...for the love of all things, be yourself. Consistently being a carbon copy of everyone else out there is LAME. Share your REAL opinions, give your own unique spin on things, show up with insane value, and write like you would if you were texting a friend. Don’t worry about being stuffy and professional. Don’t cuss just because everyone else does. This is one of the places where “you do you, boo” totally works! 

Let's Wrap this Up Cool D....

Email marketing isn’t dead, but it does require work, strategy and a whole lot of intentionality. These general tips are a step in the right direction. If they help you grab hold of the reins and gallop into email marketing glory...then get it homie! If you are like…”awwwww heck no, I ain’t doing all that”, let’s book a call to chat about me taking the reins for you! 


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