Episode 50 - Never Run Out Of Highly Converting Content

podcast Jul 01, 2019


Let me guess - coming up with killer content makes you want to stab your eyes out, am I right?

No worriesssss....I gotchu' boo!


First, let me tell you this is totally normal. TONS of biz owners struggle with how to create content on an ongoing basis. 


Which is why on today's episode, it's just me and you and a whole lot of content talk!


That's right homie, grab your pen and paper and listen up because I'm about to teach you how to never run out of highly converting content that your peeps actually want!


Truth talk...there is NOTHING more important to your marketing than good content. NOTHING. It's what sets you apart as a pro in a sea of influencers.


Note taking starts now...


On your handy dandy little sheet of paper, I want you to draw an umbrella. 


No questions...just do it


...then listen up and start mapping out your plan to create amazing content that converts! 

I can't wait to hear what you come up with.  Screenshot and tag me on IG to let me know!

Get your booty on over to iTunes (or wherever else you listen to podcasts) and listen today!


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