Avoiding Professional Development ADD + What I Invest in to Grow My Business

blog Aug 09, 2019

I have a confession to make. 

I have a professional development addiction.  

Which might sound impressive and like a weird upside-down brag... but it’s not. 

In fact, it's often an excuse for me to push things off and do nothing. 

I love free challenges + courses +podcasts + books + all the things.  

Which is not bad...except… It can be confusing. 

I don’t always follow through on things I opt-into. 

I have trouble sticking to one strategy. 

My FOMO can get me off track and have me chasing all. the. squirrels. 

This recently happened when a REALLY well known entrepreneurial influencer opened doors to a REALLY well-known course. I was soooooo close to buying. 


I didn’t. 

I didn’t click purchase because I'm committed to staying focused+ implementing what I already know, following the coach I’ve already invested in (because those strategies have helped me 4x my income since joining her program), and mastering the skills I need to serve my clients better. 

Even though sales and marketing are at the very heart of copywriting and I should be totally immune to the hoopla...I’m not. 

Maybe it’s the Enneagram 7 in me. 

Maybe it’s a lack of focus. 

Maybe it’s that desire we all have to be  “one of the cool kids”

Maybe ist that deep lingering fear that I am missing something that could be THE magic bullet.

Who knows?

But this time - I said, NAH...I'm good with what I've got.

Here are a few things that have helped me say NO to shiny things, and stay on course in the last month or so!

1-I set specific goals about what I want to achieve + the skills I need to develop. Anything outside of those goals + skills is a hard no. 

2-I made a list of events, courses + programs I want to invest in. It isn’t long, but it's clear. Everything else -NAH boo! 

3-I unsubscribed from half the podcasts I was listening to. NOT because they were bad but because I had too much coming in, and wasn’t implementing. 

4-I chose a coach, love her program + am sticking to it.

Want to know what I've decided to invest in?

The courses I bought, the mentors I follow, and podcasts I kept around? Those deets are coming. BUT FIRST...

Here are the goals I'm committed to this year:

1-Master the heck out of copywriting. I’m a pretty dang good copywriter, but there is so much more I need to learn. 

2-Grow a team. I want to begin offering some lower-priced monthly packages so I can focus on higher-level sales copy and content strategy. That means I am going to need a team of kick-butt copywriters. 

3-Put out an insane amount of valuable content. I believe this is so dang critical to the long-term health of any personal brand or business. 

4-Put together a course I can launch twice a year that meets a need for those who can’t quite afford to hire me yet. 

So...anything I say yes to has to fit into one of these goals. Here's what that looks like for me in terms of a time and $$ investment:

 1-Unstoppable Entrepreneur (group coaching) with Kelly Roach. Kelly is one of the most legit business coaches I know and isn’t always looking for the quickest way to automate. Instead, she focuses on how to provide the highest level of service to her clients by building a team.  Her portal has everything you need to learn how to grow your business. She does live coaching on calls twice per week. She is a mom, wife, and CEO of two companies - so she gets the juggling act of life and biz. I could not recommend this program more highly! It has been a true game-changer.  (Message me if you want deets on her upcoming challenge)

2-Email marketing Incubator with Val Geisler. I really want to up my email skills and Val is the best. SO - this was a no brainer even though I am worried about the time commitment. BUT- I’m committed to making it work!  Brutal honesty - I paid a down payment, tried to get out of it, realized it would cost me more in the future and it was something I WAS SURE I wanted to do - so stuck with it. #commitmentishardfora7

3-Copy Hackers Copy School. I’ve been working through this slowly but surely for several months. It’s a beast of a course, but the gold standard for conversion copy. This has helped me up my game DRASTICALLY. 

4-Social Curator. Inside of Social Curator, you get 30 images and social media captions to use throughout the month. While I do use the photos, I don’t usually use the captions.

HOWEVER, Jasmine Star does two live trainings/Q+A sessions inside of the group every month. There is also an action plan every month that walks you through all kinds of business, marketing, ans social media content (this month Sunny Lennarduzi shared about how to use YouTube to grow your business). The community inside of Social Curator is incredible. This membership is hella worth it, even if you NEVER touch a photo or caption. If you aren't learning from Jasmine - what the heck are you doing with your life?

5-Digital Course Academy- I plan on investing in Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy because she really is the guru on creating exceptional courses and I want to ensure my upcoming course is done the right way. 

6-The Copywriter Underground with Kira Hug and Rob Marsh-I’m all about becoming the best copywriter I can be - so a monthly membership where I get to learn from those two is a no brainer.

7-Podcasts-I’ve honed this down from like 20 to just a handful. I listen religiously to podcasts (and live video trainings) by Stacy Tuschl, Amy Porterfield, Mike Kim, Ali Brown, and Kelly Roach. I deleted the rest because my brain was super overwhelmed. 

8-Emails. I read every email Laura Belgray sends because she’s the queen of copy and ridiculously hilarious. Every single one of them goes into a swipe file!

9-I am attending two events so far this year and considering one other. Kelly is running an in-depth strategy focused retreat called Game Changer in October, so I will be there fo' sho'.  And, Christy Wright is hosting a huge event here in Nashville called Business Boutique that I've been to in the past and gotten a lot of value from. Face to face time with Kelly, even in a group setting, I am certain will be a massive value, so that one was a no brainer. Business Boutique is local, which is nice, and has some fantastic speakers (Jasmine Star is one of them) and some great breakout sessions. Plus, the Ramsey organization puts on a great event, so it's usually pretty fun!

As you can see, I’ve got plenty to learn and lots of avenues in which to do that. While there are so many other ways to grow and invest in my business, I am drawing a line in the sand and sticking with the above. 

Tell me, do you have a learning plan? 

Are there people you follow religiously?

What are you investing in to grow?

Drop a comment below and tell me who you're learning from!!!



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