Episode 37: From Wall Street to Coffee Brand Owner with Abbey Scott

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2019


Obviously, coffee is life. So, when I came across the ultra cute coffee brand Coffee Over Cardio, I had to interview the mastermind behind it all. Abbey Scott, the co-founder of Coffee Over Cardio shares her entrepreneurial journey, gives some fantastic branding tips, and lots of wisdom for growing your business online.

We talk about how she:

  • Went from wall street to owning her own coffee brand
  • Finding a gap in the market and meeting it
  • Weaving her passion into her business
  • How she used her “Google expertise”
  • Moving from a highly structured environment to on her own without any structure
  • How she knew she should leave her job
  • The importance of having patience in business
  • How she initially got her coffee out to the masses and worked with micro-influencers
  • How she found the right influencers and nurtures a relationship with them
  • The importance of branding and how it helped her grow her business
  • The importance of client experience and how it helped her grow her business
  • Got her boyfriend hooked on Pinterest
  • Built community

To grab yourself a bag of delicious coffee, or check out Coffee Over Cardio’s chic branding, check out their website and Instagram account. To check out her personal IG, head on over here!

To grab your free Email Subject Line Guide, head on over to www.basicgirlmarketing.com/subject 


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