Episode 36: The Messiness of Owning Business and Branding that Establishes Authority with Tatum Brandt

podcast Mar 25, 2019

In today's episode, I am chatting with Tatum Brandt, owner of Brandt Creative Co. Tatum started her graphic design and website development business while still in college. She figured out how to grow her business successfully along the way and shares her journey. 

In addition, she shares:

  • How she found herself niched down to the fitness and wellness industry
  • How time management was such a huge struggle that she didn't finish any website on time
  • How she shaped her client experience
  • How she filters out clients who aren't a good fit
  • Her system for client management
  • The importance of regular communication and a glimpse into the process
  • The one game changer for her business
  • Her biggest business mistake
  • Our big collaboration and how you can get a website that LOOKS professional and converts like a boss!
  • How to have a fantastic website on a budget
  • Why a professional website allows you to charge more
  • The three questions your website should answer immediately

Head over here to check out Tatum's website.

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Grab Tatum's Instagram branding guide here.

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