Episode 38: Building a Business that Lasts with Kelly Roach

podcast Apr 08, 2019

In today's episode, I interview Kelly Roach, business growth coach and host of the podcast - Unstoppable Success Radio. Kelly is the real deal. She brings legit strategy, years of experience and a no-nonsense approach to her coaching. After this episode, I literally binged on all of her podcast episodes, soaking up all of the awesomeness she shares on a weekly basis.

In a world of 21-year-old "business coaches" who have never really hustled for anything - Kelly is a breath of fresh air.  You are going to get SO. MUCH. OUT. OF. THIS. episode!


We discuss...

  • Kelly's story of leaving corporate to start her own thing
  • The biggest mistake online business owners are making to sabotage their business
  • Why focusing on mastery is critical to business success
  • The importance of hiring the right team
  • The business skills people should be focusing on to grow their biz
  • The one book she reads every 6 months
  • Her best advice for new entrepreneurs (it’s so different, but so spot on)

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