Episode 57 - How to Decide What to Invest in as a Business Owner

podcast Aug 19, 2019


 Every day.

Every day someone releases a new podcast, guide, course, class, webinar, program - SOMETHING that leaves me wondering - do I need this? 

It's taken me a while to ditch shiny-object syndrome and nail down what's actually a necessity for me to grow my business.

So, it's just me and you again today and we're talking investments in your business.

You know you have to invest to scale and make bank. 

But invest in what? 

How many podcasts should I be listening...

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Episode 56 - Growing Your Business Without Losing Your Mind

podcast Aug 12, 2019

I don't know about you, but when I hear someone talking about "streamlining my systems", my eyes glaze over.

 I am an ideas girl at heart. I LOVE all things creative, and usually do things on the fly. 

...which is NO way to run a business. 

All this talk of systems sounds like pure torture to me. 

Which is why I am not going to talk about guest is! 

On today's episode, Ashley Gartland, is here to put our minds at ease.  She's a super...

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Avoiding Professional Development ADD + What I Invest in to Grow My Business

blog Aug 09, 2019

I have a confession to make. 

I have a professional development addiction.  

Which might sound impressive and like a weird upside-down brag... but it’s not. 

In fact, it's often an excuse for me to push things off and do nothing. 

I love free challenges + courses +podcasts + books + all the things.  

Which is not bad...except… It can be confusing. 

I don’t always follow through on things I opt-into. 

I have trouble sticking...

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Episode 55 - How To Legally Prepare and Protect Your Business

podcast Aug 05, 2019

This week on the podcast,  we're talking all things legal for your business....again. 

I know, I know.  It sounds boring.

But … listen up homie.  Because you don't want to be THAT person.

You know… the person that the bad thing happens to.  The one that everyone whispers about and says "oooh that's gotta suck for her"

Nope.  Not you.  You've got your eye on the prize and you're ready to crush your goals - so why not set yourself up for success...

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Episode 54 - Building Your Content Marketing Ecosystem

podcast Jul 29, 2019

"Nothing works for me"

"I've tried it all"

Wondering why no matter what you do, your content marketing strategy just isn't bringing in those Benjamins?


You haven't tried it all.

The truth hurts, homes.

If your strategy isn't working, there has to be something you aren't trying.

On today's podcast, I've got some answers for ya!!  That's right it's just me and you today, and I'm bringing you the four VITAL pieces to your content marketing puzzle so you can finally start seeing...

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Episode 53 - The Reality of Entrepreneurship, Creating Content, and Staying in the Game with Jasmine Star

podcast Jul 22, 2019

Ok y'all.

If you're ready for some AMAZING advice today, I gotchu'!

I'm SO excited to bring you the one and only JASMINE STAR!  That's right, Jasmine is here today sharing SO much goodness, you're going to be running for your pen and paper.

In case you're one of the four people who haven't heard of Jasmine, here are are a few facts:

  • She is a wildly successful photographer, business strategist, and the founder of Social Curator.
  • She dropped out of law school to become a photographer...
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Episode 52 - How to Sell With Authenticity

podcast Jul 15, 2019

On today's episode of the Basic Girl Podcast, we're talking sales with Colin Boyd. Colin is an international speaker and business mentor, and a master of using speaking to get sales.

Let me guess - you have a product or service to sell, but the thought of actually selling it to people makes you cringe.

Why is that?

Maybe you had a bad experience with someone selling you something. Maybe when you're selling your product or service, you've had bad luck.

According to Colin, maybe you need to...

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Episode 51 - Tips to Running a More Profitable Business

podcast Jul 08, 2019

"Mo' money mo' problems"...the world according to Biggie 

But...that isn't always the truth. 

More money doesn't have to mean more problems...if you know your numbers and can plan accordingly. 

Which is why I brought my friend Christina Sjahli on to chat. 

Christina is a financial genius - she's a CPA, CFO, cashflow consultant, and has years of experience in the corporate finance world with major national and international businesses.

I know. Finances are probably not on...

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10 Tips to Effective Email Marketing in 2019

Email marketing IS NOT dead! 

Most people just don’t do it well. 

They give it a half-hearted attempt, then say, “it didn’t work for me ...wah, wah, wah!”

The truth?

Email marketing isn’t what it used to be. 

BUT...when done well, it can still create cult status fans and convert like Billy Graham in a full stadium!

So, before you throw in the towel when it comes to email marketing, I want to give you three reasons why you shouldn’t:


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Episode 50 - Never Run Out Of Highly Converting Content

podcast Jul 01, 2019


Let me guess - coming up with killer content makes you want to stab your eyes out, am I right?

No worriesssss....I gotchu' boo!


First, let me tell you this is totally normal. TONS of biz owners struggle with how to create content on an ongoing basis. 


Which is why on today's episode, it's just me and you and a whole lot of content talk!


That's right homie, grab your pen and paper and listen up because I'm about to teach you how to never run out of...

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