The In-House Copywriting Academy

A 90-day mentorship program that will teach your brightest team member how to write copy like a pro.

So, you've built a 6 or 7 figure business

...with a product suite that gets results, and a dream team that operates like a well-oiled machine. You've invested in your business from day 1. You know the power of delegating and willingly give away everything that's not a frontline money maker only you can do.

Which is why you've outsourced copywriting for years. 

You know the power of effective copy. You've had sales pages written that could convert a rock into a client and email funnels that filled your consult slots faster than you could hit send. 

You've worked with some great copywriters who've made you bank. But you are over the high price tag associated with every project, and the long wait time to get a project on the books and completed. 

Ideally you'd love to bring your copywriting in-house, so you could have content written in less time and for less money, without sacrificing quality.'ve tried to do that in the past...

You bought all the courses and had your team work through them with little to show for their time and your money.

Sure, they learned a few things in each course, but they aren't producing content that comes close to professional quality writing.


Because writing doesn't improve in a vacuum. 

As a high school English teacher, I've learned that the single most effective way to improve student writing has always been intentional practice + clear feedback + focused revision + more intentional practice. 

Copywriting for your business is no different.

Yes, there are skills and tactics your team can learn in isolation.

But, if you want a legit copywriting genius ON YOUR TEAM, then your people need more than a course, they need a mentor.

That's What The In-House Copy Academy is All About!

You are already paying your team to do all the things.

You love your team.

You trust your team.

There is no one who understands your mission more than your team.

Why not train someone on your team to do your copywriting so you can save TONS of time and thousands of dollars?

Imagine the effect that would have on your bottom line! 

This mentorship won't just give your team member a killer skill to use in your business, it will increase that number in the "P" column and decrease the number in your "L" column. 

Meet Your Copy Mentor

I've been the girl behind the laptop, typing away for hundreds of business owners, for YEARS.

But...I'm a teacher by trade. 

For 12 years I've taught hard things to growing minds. I've taught elementary students who couldn't make a single letter sound how to read, middle schoolers how to write persuasive essays, and 9th graders the ins-and-outs of Romeo and Juliet.

I've taken some of the most complex topics in the world and broken them down into simple steps so my students could master them.

If I can teach parallel structure to high schoolers from a Title 1 school, then I can teach your brightest team members how to write effective copy.  

Want to make sure I'm the real deal...

Check out what my copywriting clients have to say!

"I was hesitant to invest in a copywriter simply because I hadn’t worked with one before. I pride myself on being authentic and was afraid my unique voice would be lost if I let someone help me with copy. Launching my program was becoming so draining and something had to give. I needed a launch strategy and Danielle was part of that for me. She helped me develop a recyclable strategy with copy that converts. With a strong plan and killer copy I had the highest enrollment in my group program ever. Danielle is a breeze to work with. She did her homework to get to know me and my key clients. I felt like the service she delivered was top notch and I immediately tapped her for a second project after competing our first."

Lindsey Bush
Online Fitness Coach

"From blog posts, to email series to social media posts, Danielle understood my brand, my message and my voice and was able to get it across in each project she completed. She was a pleasure to work with and and true professional!"

Kylie Larson
Online Personal Trainer and High Performance Coach

"Danielle was absolutely wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her to any female entrepreneur who needs help bringing their brand to life quickly and easily with words. As a unique brand full of personality, sometimes its hard to find someone who can match my voice. Danielle took not only the time to understand my brand, but my clients and my audience as well, making it easy for her to write in a way that reflected my personal style but also spoke to the heart of my clients. As a busy entrepreneur I so appreciated being able to give her direction and input once or twice and then she just ran with it to complete the project without me having to follow up with her. It saved me time and money in the long run which I was so appreciative of. Additionally she was always incredibly prompt with deadlines - which made my life so much easier."

Cyrissa Carlson
Photographer and Business Coach

"Danielle really nailed it! She was able to capture my thoughts and the needs of my clients and create copy that communicated to them my solutions. She was very timely in her communications with me and very easy to work with! If you struggled like me with getting your thoughts written out in a way to attract your customers to you I would definitely reach out to Danielle!"

Martine Williams
Creator of Choose YOU

"Copy is not my zone of genius so it made sense to hire Danielle, an expert in her area, to help communicate my message to my clients. By hiring her not only did I save time to work in my own zone of genius, I also increased my profit with copy that targeted my ideal clients and spoke to their pain points. "

Eve Guzman
Macro Coach + Macro Coach Mentor

"As a total Type-A control freak, the idea of having someone write my copy was a really big stretch for me. But I knew that my strength is to coach on publicity, not write sales pages and email sequences. Just three lines into reading her copy, I was like "Um, did I write this? Or no? Because it's exactly what I would say..." Danielle knows how to copy a voice, and 10X its potential!"

Lisa Simone Richards

This ain't yo' momma's copywriting course....

Here's what your team member will get inside the In-House Copywriter Academy:

8 Teaching Modules

Your team member will learn EVERYTHING they need to know to write effective copy through extensive training modules. Check out the FAQ's down below to see what we will be covering!

2 Monthly Assignments

This isn't just a sit back and consume kind of thing. Your team member will be given specific assignments that can be used for YOUR business! They will be turning those assignments in old school style. 

Feedback on Assignments

I am going to break out my trusty red teacher's pen and give your team member specific feedback on their writing. They will then make changes and resubmit the assignment.

A dedicated Facebook Group

If your team member gets stuck on an assignment or needs some feedback on a piece of content, they can hop in the Facebook group and ask away!

Monthly Hot Seat Calls

Each month your teammate will have an opportunity for a hot seat to talk through their current projects and ask specific questions.

On Going Support After the 90 days

After your team member completes the 90-day mentorship, they will have the opportunity to join a low cost, on-going support group to get regular training and feedback while they serve as your in-house copywriter. 

Guest Expert Trainings

I am going to bring in some experts to help your team member master things like ad copy, PR copy, SEO and social media copy. This training will be comprehensive and thorough.

Imagine being able to hand off your next copywriting project to a team member you already know, trust and pay.

This mentorship program is going to put money back into your pocket, enable your team to move at a faster pace, and help you scale your business to the next level.

This is basically a college level copywriting course for a third of the price. Instead of paying $1200 per credit, your investment as a business owner is only one payment of $1297 or three payments of $497.

A true no-brainer when you consider the cost of just ONE copywriting project!

The next round of copy mentorship starts on June 10th and I will be accepting 12 mentees this round.

If you are ready to stop paying thousands of dollars to outsource your copy and want to train one of your trusted team members, let's do this!

I Want to Bring My Copywriting In-House!

You could keep paying your kick-butt copywriter


You could train a highly skilled team member to bring your copywriting in-house and save thousands of dollars.

You know the power of an effective copywriter. Now all you need to decide is whether you want to keep hiring a freelancer, or build your empire from within.

A true empire is self-sustaining, a powerful force to be reckoned with...all on it's own. 

Ready to level up to empire status?

Let me train your people!

I Want to Build My Empire (Pay in Full) I Want to Build My Empire (Make 3 Payments)

You've Got Questions?

I've Got Answers!

During the mentorship program I will be diving into:

  • Stages of awareness 
  • The Psychology of buying
  • Mastering Voice
  • Highly Converting Sales Pages
  • Email Nurture Sequences that Warm Up a Cold Lead
  • Email Sales Funnels that Convert
  • Social Media Content that Connects
  • Authoritative Blogs and Newsletters
  • PR Pitches that Seal the Deal
  • Sticky Website Copy



Technically, any team member of yours that is interested in doing your copy would be a good fit. I do recommend someone who is already a decent writer, and someone who would have the bandwidth to write your copy. This could be your VA, your social media manager, your content creator or a sales rep. 

I told you earlier this ain't yo' momma's copywriting course. This is meant to train master copywriters and that does take time. I would say you can expect your team member to spend 5ish hours per week on working through the material, calls, and practicing.

I'd love to answer any questions you might have about mentorship. Just shoot em' over to [email protected] and I will get back to you with a quickness!

Ready to do this and want to pay in full?

Ready to do this and want to make payments?


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