1:1 Coaching for Online Fitness Coaches

Marketing Strategy to Help Online Fitness Coaches 10x Their Business

You could figure out this online coaching thing on your own. 

That's totally doable. 

Want to speed up the process and save yourself a TON of frustration and money?

Work with me!

You've Been Wasting Your Time...

Downloading freebie after freebie, trying to DIY this online biz thing. 

While you have the basics, you are overwhelmed with how everything fits together and lack a clear and consistent strategy. 

The plug and play, make 10k in a day, strategies everyone seems to be selling are not working. In fact, they are distractions adding to your overwhelm. 

What you need is an actual person who you can answer your specific questions to. One who will not just give you cookie cutter answers - but a real plan that makes sense for you, your ideal clients and your biz.

You need a coach.

I am not just some random person off the street, I get my clients results.

As a former online fitness coach and copywriter for COUNTLESS fitness pros, I have the unique experience of watching fitness empires be built in several different ways. This means I help my clients find what works for them - instead of trying to fit them into my "model". Here's what a few of my past clients have to say...

Charmi Ramchandani

Thanks to Danielle Cevallos' 6-week coaching program, I learnt how to create content that matches my services. I went from posting random stuff and pictures to intentionally putting out content that my followers could benefit from which tied into the services I offer. And, I learnt the immense value of email marketing.

Following her suggestions, I signed up 4 clients while vacationing in Dubai, and 3 more (possibly 2 more today!) to give me a full plate in December and January. Would you believe me if I told you that last December I made $0???

I love Danielle for really caring about her clients and going the extra mile to ensure their success. If you have been on the fence about hiring a coach, you won't be disappointed with Danielle.

Stop trying to do this online business thing on your own. Every successful business owner out there has a coach.


Let me be yours.

I am 100% committed to your success and ready to help you crush your goals. 

I want to book my first call!

My coaching is unlike any other out there...

I don't make you sign long contracts and I don't charge thousands of dollars a month. 

I open up 12-15 coaching calls per month. 

You are allowed to book as many calls as you'd like - up to 3 per month. 

With my pay as you go model - you pay when you book your call. You don't pay for anything more or anything less than what you are booking. 

So, if you have a launch coming up, or are starting something new - you can grab your three spots for the month. If you are in a quiet season, on vacation or going through a super busy phase of life, you can choose to not book any calls, or only book one. It's completely up to you!

Your 1 hour call is $125. 

Ready to get this party started? Book your call below!

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