Hey, I'm Danielle!

You know those words and ideas floating around that little ol' brain of yours? I'll pull them out of that head, and wrap em' up all nice and pretty and converty...

...so you can get them in front of your people and start making bank!

The Online Business World is a Red Ocean...

Unless you can build a brand that truly stands out...you know...like Elle Woods stands out at Harvard? If you want to stand out as a true thought leader, not just a carbon copy of today's online noise...I'm your girl!

Let's Chat homie!

Hey peeps, I'm Danielle Cevallos...

Basic to the core, I love all things Target, Starbucks, Monograms, and Legally Blonde. 

A NYC girl, born and raised, I shoot straight and get to the point 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time I am "bless her heart" sweet... a result of years spent living in the south.

I'm kind of obsessed with helping legit pros, with real solutions book more clients and stand out as thought leaders in the online world.

I am so over people with no qualifications, selling lame offers, that get no real results ... and the marketing tactics they use to take your money.

But you're the real Slim Shady, and it's time for you to stand up, metaphorically speaking that is. 

I want to help you find your people so you can help your people. Together we will amplify your sales through emails, sales pages, websites and funnels that convert.

And if ya' need some in-depth coaching and an airtight content strategy - I gotchu' there too boo!

You are an original, let's craft the perfect messaging and content so that there is no doubt in anyone's mind that you are truly different.

Help me girl!!!!

Am I the real deal?

Here's What My Clients Have to Say!

"I was hesitant to invest in a copywriter simply because I hadn’t worked with one before. I pride myself on being authentic and was afraid my unique voice would be lost if I left someone help me with copy. Launch my program was becoming so draining and something had to give. I needed a launch strategy and Danielle was part of that for me. She helped me develop a recyclable strategy with copy that converts. With a strong plan and killer copy I had the highest enrollment in my group program ever. Danielle is a breeze to work with. She did her homework to get to know me and my key clients. I felt like the service she delivered was top notch and I immediately tapped her for a second project after competing our first."

Lindsey Bush
Online Fitness Coach

"I have worked with several copy-writers and I was at the point of giving up because I did not feel any of them were actually capturing my ideas and work properly. Danielle and I spoke for 20 min max and a few hours later I had the most comprehensive and accurate write up describing what I do. It was so exciting to have someone finally get my point across. I sincerely recommend her as she is excellent writer and listener. She asks the right questions for her to get to the point. Loved, working with her and will continue to do so."

Olga Lacroix
Job Title

"Danielle was absolutely wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her to any female entrepreneur who needs help bringing their brand to life quickly and easily with words. As a unique brand full of personality, sometimes its hard to find someone who can match my voice. Danielle took not only the time to understand my brand, but my clients and my audience as well, making it easy for her to write in a way that reflected my personal style but also spoke to the heart of my clients. As a busy entrepreneur I so appreciated being able to give her direction and input once or twice and then she just ran with it to complete the project without me having to follow up with her. It saved me time and money in the long run which I was so appreciative of. Additionally she was always incredibly prompt with deadlines - which made my life so much easier."

Cyrissa Carlson
Photographer and Business Coach

"Thanks to Danielle Cevallos' 6-week coaching program, I learnt how to create content that matches my services. I went from posting random stuff and pictures to intentionally putting out content that my followers could benefit from which tied into the services I offer. And, I learnt the immense value of email marketing. Following her suggestions, I signed up 4 clients while vacationing in Dubai, and 3 more (possibly 2 more today!) to give me a full plate in December and January. Would you believe me if I told you that last December I made $0??? I love Danielle for really caring about her clients and going the extra mile to ensure their success. If you have been on the fence about hiring a coach, you won't be disappointed with Danielle."

Charmi Ramchandani
Online Personal Trainer

"Danielle asked a few key questions and returned with 2 amazing copy options faster than she promised!"

Lisa Mustard
Host of The Therapy Show

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